Fair trade as pair swaps burger flipping for bright future

An apprenticeship program changed the lives of a fast food worker and a taxi driver. Byron Carchipulla, a former Burger King employee from Queens, is now a skilled sheet metal worker. And Marcin Chrostowski, a former waiter and cab driver from Brooklyn, is a plumber. Both have careers that provide them secure futures thanks to […]

Jackson Mora, SUNY Martitime College Apprenticeship Program

Five years of hard work culminated in the form of a diploma, a happy family and a higher paycheck for Jackson Heights resident Walter Mora last week, after he graduated from the SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx’s apprenticeship program. The program, run by non-profit Percy Jobs and Careers, aims to afford disadvantaged communities career […]

Reverend Lays Foundation for Local Jobs in Hempstead

Bringing jobs to disadvantaged communities like Hempstead, in Nassau County Long Island, has always been challenging. Finding skilled workers in these communities is not always easy and when you do find them, it is often difficult to convince employers, banks and insurance companies to take a chance on them. In the construction industry, try securing […]

The Obamacare Challenge: Recruiting and Retaining Employees Without Reducing Profits

Rewarding your best employees with healthcare benefits used to be standard operating procedure, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, is challenging this practice. Employers should be concerned about the regulatory and cost burdens associated with the Affordable Care Act, but these concerns must not distract from the most important element of running a […]